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Ship Provisions Tarragona Port Supply

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Are you searching for a reliable provisioning partner in Tarragona to provide your ship provisions ports with all the foods you need? Look no further than LIMANi’s Provisioning Tarragona. As the top supplier of ship supplies in Tarragona, we have the expertise and tools to ensure that your vessel is fully equipped with exceptional provisions.

Our company is led by a team of experienced professionals in ship supply and provisioning, including a chef from one of Spain’s top-rated restaurants. This gives us an advantage in terms of our supplier network, quality control, and competitive pricing. We can offer captains, cooks, and crew everything they need for provisioning Tarragona and we ensure that your ship is stocked with high-quality products for your galley.

At LIMANi’s Provisions Tarragona Port Supply, we provide immediate access to our price list, which will be delivered directly to your mailbox after filling out a short form.

If products you need are not available, please contact us for an inquiry.

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LIMANi Supply Group is a European specialist in full-service ship supply in 115+ ports in Europe is now also ready to serve your vessel with high-quality provisions

LIMANi is situated in Madrid and has established itself as a market pioneer in providing unique order experiences to the shipping sector by providing innovative logistics, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality products. Our Provisioning service in Tarragona is is no different.

Our team has recently signed an exclusive contract with Mercamadrid, which greatly expanded our possibilities when it comes to supplying the freshest Provisions Tarragona is possible. Mercamadrid is the largest wholesale food market in Spain and one of the largest in Europe. It covers an area of over 2.5 million square meters of food suppliers and serves as a hub for the distribution of fresh and frozen food products, including meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, among others.

This partnership combined with our extensive logistical knowledge allows us to supply your vessel quickly with the freshest provisioning Spain available for all sea-going vessels in Tarragona.


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At LIMANi Provisions Tarragona, we pride ourselves on our delicious burgers and high-quality beef. We have partnered with Spain’s leading burger supplier to provide restaurant-quality burgers to you and your crew with onboard delivery. Our burgers are made with 99% meat and contain no grains, vegetables or sulfites, giving them a unique, natural flavor that sets us apart from the competition.

For an unforgettable taste experience, choose LIMANi Provisions Tarragona. Our company is committed to upholding the highest hygiene standards, and we have a thorough and efficient Parameter Analysis and Critical Control Points manual that complies with all applicable hygienic handling guidelines and standards.

For the best Provisioning Tarragona, look no further than LIMANi.

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High-quality provisions Tarragona

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On Board Delivery


Our vast ship provisions supply and logistics knowledge enables us to efficiently manage logistical budgets for the onboard delivery of all necessary supplies for Provisioning Tarragona while utilizing outgoing transit possibilities.

Additionally, we work with a user-friendly online portal that allows you to follow your provisions order every step of the supply chain. From our provision department to your vessel. LIMANi Ship Provisions Tarragona strives to ensure transparent handling of your order for maximum security.

Let us help you keep your vessel fully stocked and ready to go with our expertise in providing provisions for ships in Tarragona.

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Port of Tarragona is just 82 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, Spain. It contains many historic sites that include a well-preserved Roman colosseum. The Port of Tarragona was an important administrative and commercial city for Rome and an Imperial center. The Romans constructed many buildings that have been excavated to portray the grand Roman capital. An excellent example of Roman urban planning, it was the model for other Roman capitals. Based on this exceptional history, Tarraco (as the Romans called it) was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

LIMANi Provisions Tarragona sends trucks around the port on a daily basis.

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