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Ship Provisions Gijón Port Supply

We provide dedicated onboard delivery of provisions
For all sea-going vessels in Gijón

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Are you looking for a provisions-partner in Gijón who can supply your vessel with all demanded products? LIMANi Provisioning Gijón is the ideal partner in ship provisions

The company is managed by a team of veterans in ship supply and provisions is lead by a professional cook from one of the highest rated restaurants in Spain. This gives us an edge in suppliers network, quality control, and competitive pricing. We are able offer captains, cooks, and crew everything that they require with our provisioning service. We make certain that your vessel is well equipped with high-quality provisions for your galley. 

As LIMANi’s Ship Provisions Gijón we made our pricelist available to you immediately by clicking on the button below – fill out the form and receive our pricelist directly in your mailbox.

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LIMANi Supply Group is a European specialist in full-service ship supply in 115+ ports in Europe is now also ready to serve your vessel with high-quality provisions

The company is situated in Madrid and has established itself as a market pioneer in providing unique order processing experiences to the shipping sector by providing innovative logistics, cutting-edge technology, high-quality products, and technical know-how. LIMANi Provisions Gijón is ready to take all your unique orders.

Our knowledge and expertise through more than 23 years of experience in ship supply and logistics have enabled us to collaborate with the most prominent suppliers throughout Provisions Spain, allowing us to offer high-quality meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, and everything else you require onboard.

Give your crew an unforgettable experience in taste with LIMANi Provisions Gijón.


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limani team provisions - Gijon

The Taste


Our burgers and excellent beef are what genuinely distinguishes LIMANi from the competition. We have teamed with Spain’s leading burger supplier to provide onboard delivery of restaurant-quality burgers for you and your crew.

LIMANi burgers are made with 99% meat and do not include grains, vegetables, or sulfites. They are prepared with a perfect combination of seasonings and spices that enhance the natural flavor of the meat, giving LIMANi a distinctive flavor that you will remember.

For a revolutionary journey in taste, choose LIMANi Provisions Gijón Port Supply.

LIMANi maintains the highest sanitary standards. This is why we have a comprehensive and effective Parameter Analysis and Critical Control Points manual that adheres to all proper hygienic handling procedures and quality requirements for provisioning Gijón

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High-quality provisions Gijón

Limani provisions supply - Gijon

On Board Delivery


With over 23 years of experience in ship supply and logistics, LIMANi Provisions Gijón has built a strong network of links that allows us to efficiently deliver to your vessel in Gijón.

Additionally, we work with a user-friendly online portal that allows you to follow your provisions order every step of the supply chain. From our provision department to your vessel. LIMANi Provisioning Gijón strives to ensure transparent handling of your order for maximum security.

Our Pricelist

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The City of Gijon, located on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, combines a long seafaring history and cosmopolitan growth with beautiful beaches. Its major historic buildings recall the city’s Roman past and 16th Century Spanish kings

The city’s historic quarter began on the hill of Santa Catalina, and it includes the old fishing neighborhood of Cimadevilla. This is where the first settlers came, and it is the site of the Elogio del Horizonte (Spanish), a work by Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida.

LIMANi Provisions Port Gijon sends trucks around the port on a daily basis.

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