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Ship Provisions Ports in Spain and Portugal – The Viana do Castelo Harbour is located at the estuary of the River Lima, with port facilities on both sides of the river. It is approximately 31 miles away from Leixões port and 44 miles away from Vigo port.

The port of Viana do Castelo is of moderate size and caters to the fishing industry, offering excellent amenities for general cargo and containers in the commercial sector. It boasts a significant shipbuilding and ship repair industry, along with a dedicated terminal for Ro-Ro traffic. The primary exports from this port include paper, timber, and granite, while the main imports consist of African wood, steel sheet, fish, machinery, and bulk cement.

The area consists of two quay stretches, spanning a combined length of 487 meters on the south bank, along with a 300-meter-long pier situated on the north bank. With a primary emphasis on facilitating the transportation of diverse cargo, the current traffic composition primarily comprises fractional general cargo, as well as solid and liquid bulk materials.

The detection of vessel arrivals, departures, scheduled arrivals, and ships in port at the Provisions Viana do Castelo is accomplished through the processing of AIS data. The weather data utilized is derived from the GFS model (NCEP/NWS). It is important to note that the data provided is solely for informational purposes, and cannot be held accountable for the accuracy and reliability of the Viana do Castelo Harbour data.

The Viana do Castelo Harbour, located in Portugal, is a compact port that offers various services and information. You can access a live map displaying the positions of ships in Viana do Castelo Harbour, check the schedules for vessels arriving, explore the port call history, view the list of ships currently in port, access a company register, and even check the local weather forecast. The LOCODE assigned to Viana do Castelo Harbour is PTVDC.

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Viana do Castelo Harbour, situated on the Atlantic coast in the northwest of Portugal, is a prominent port-city. Serving as the capital of the Viana do Castelo District and the largest city in the Minho region, it boasts a vibrant maritime heritage deeply rooted in shipbuilding and fishing.

Viana do Castelo Harbour Situated on the Atlantic coast in the northwest region of Portugal, the port operates on both sides of the Lima river. The left bank of the Lima river houses the Commercial port, which has the capability to handle approximately 1 thousand tons of cargo per year. This Viana do Castelo Harbour is easily accessible to ships with a draft of up to 8 meters and a length of 200 meters.

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