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Ship Provisions Ports in Spain and Portugal – Alicante, also known as Alacant in Valencian, is a renowned city and municipality situated in the Valencian Community of Spain. Serving as the capital of the Alicante province, Alicante Harbour holds great historical significance as a Mediterranean port. Alicante Harbour with a population of 337,482 residents as of 2020, it stands as the second-largest city in the Valencian Community.

The region surrounding Alicante Harbour has been inhabited for more than 7000 years. Between 5000 and 3000 BC, the initial groups of hunter-gatherers gradually migrated from Central Europe. The earliest settlements were established on the slopes of Mount Benacantil.

Around 1000 BC, Greek and Phoenician traders started to visit Alicante Harbour on the eastern coast of Spain, creating small trading ports and introducing the native Iberian tribes to concepts such as the alphabet, iron, and the pottery wheel. In the mid-230s BC, the Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca founded the fortified settlement of Akra Leuké, which is believed to have been located at the present-day site of Alicante.

The Port of Alicante, situated alongside the renowned Explanada de España boulevard, serves as a tribute to both the sea and the city’s diverse history. Its establishment as a maritime port can be traced back to the year 1271, during the reign of Alfonso X of Castile. Today, the Alicante Harbour not only facilitates fishing and commercial activities but also boasts a marina that offers a wide range of recreational options.

With its assortment of bars, cafeterias, restaurants, nightclubs, a casino, and numerous shops, the area has become a bustling hub for tourists. Additionally, the Alicante Harbour regularly hosts events and concerts, and it has recently been announced as the venue for the esteemed yacht race, Volvo Ocean Race. With all these attractions, the Provisions Port of Alicante guarantees a delightful experience in this exceptional Mediterranean location.

Historical tales surrounding the Alicante Harbour

Historical tales surrounding the Alicante Harbour-LIMANi Ship Provisions Port Spain Portugal

The present-day of Alicante Harbour, with its advanced facilities, stands on the site where a primitive wharf was established in the fifth century BC by people of Iberian origin. This historical Alicante Harbour fact is supported by the excavations conducted at the Tossal de les Basses, an archaeological site located less than six kilometers from the northern side of the current port. The bay of Alicante, thanks to its natural protection from strong Mediterranean winds, has been highly sought after by different civilizations throughout history. The Romans, Moors, and Christians all coveted this strategic location.

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The conclusion of the Spanish Civil War, along with the demise of the Second Republic, has unfolded on this very site. Countless individuals sought refuge from Franco’s execution squads by flocking to the harbor, hoping to board a ship destined for Latin America in Alicante Harbour. Regrettably, the majority of these desperate souls were thwarted in their escape efforts by the presence of Italian fascist general’s vessels.

Currently, the Alicante Harbour is bustling with activity beneath the expansive presence of Santa Bárbara Castle, an impressive fortress with Moorish roots situated atop Mount Benacantil at an elevation of 166 meters above sea level. Seamlessly linked to the rest of the city, the most optimal route to reach the port is through the Explanada de España, a charming coastal walkway adorned with numerous palm trees.

The Marina Deportiva del Puerto de Alicante is the liveliest and most captivating section of the Alicante Harbour complex. Constructed in 1999, this area comprises a collection of docks that provide a total of 748 berths. Alicante Harbour is also the hub of entertainment, boasting an array of restaurants and nightclubs that come alive with vibrant energy as night falls.

However, if you are seeking daytime activities suitable for all ages, make sure not to overlook the replica of the Santísima Trinidad. This magnificent reproduction of one of the Spanish Armada vessels that participated in the renowned Battle of Trafalgar serves as both a restaurant and nightclub. During the day, it offers guided tours accompanied by a complimentary drink included in the ticket price.

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Alicante has a rich history that dates back well before the third century BC. Today, it seamlessly combines entertainment, business, and education. As a historically significant port town, its Alicante Harbour and waterfront have become a hub for yachting enthusiasts and water-sports lovers from around the globe. With ample moorings, excellent marine services, and a plethora of nautical schools and sailing clubs, the marina serves as one of Alicante’s many social centers. To cater to the influx of seafaring visitors, the harbor has transformed into a vibrant area with a wide array of restaurants and bars to suit every palate.

The city takes great pride in its heritage, evident in the abundance of captivating historic buildings and museums. From the Castle of Santa Barbara to the Museo de las Hogueras and the Museo Municipal Casayou, visitors can delve into Alicante’s roots and explore its modern-day offerings. While it is true that the majority of visitors come in search of sun and sand, Alicante Harbour certainly does not disappoint in that regard. Its pristine white sand beaches cater to various preferences, ranging from lively party spots to tranquil family-friendly areas and bustling activity-filled zones, all of which boast exceptional quality.

Over the years, Alicante Harbour has faced some negative publicity, some of which was warranted. However, to its credit, the city has taken these criticisms to heart and made necessary improvements. Today, its popularity is undeniable, and it stands as a quintessential Spanish seaside resort. Offering a diverse range of holiday options, As a top destination of Alicante Harbour for both young and old alike.

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