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Ship Provisions Ports in Spain and Portugal – Situated on the Bilbao Abra bay and the Estuary of Bilbao in Biscay, the Best of Bilbao Harbour is primarily located in the municipalities of Santurtzi and Zierbena, around 15 km to the west of Bilbao.

Bilbao represents the contemporary essence of the Basque Country, blending the rich heritage of Basque culture with a fresh outlook towards the future. It is an undeniable destination for enthusiasts of design and culture. Additionally, the city’s picturesque setting amidst verdant hills and its convenient proximity to the coast further enhance its allure.

The intertwined history of the Nervión river, the estuary, the Best of Bilbao Harbour, and the city of Bilbao is deeply rooted on its banks, making it difficult to discern their origins. However, it is well-documented that Bilbao’s initial docks date back at least 700 years. Since then, the constant flow of ships, goods, and passengers has remained uninterrupted.

Ferrovial undertook the project between 2016 and 2019. The endeavor encompassed the on-site manufacturing of 26 sizable reinforced concrete caissons, each measuring 46 meters in length. Additionally, it involved the creation of an esplanade beneath the blocks, the construction of an 80,000-cubic-meter breakwater, and a 68,000-cubic-meter dredging of the seabed to solidify the caissons.

Throughout history, the Best of Bilbao Harbour and city of Bilbao have coexisted along the banks of the Nervión River, situated several kilometers inland. As the river nears its mouth at the Cantabrian Sea, it almost transforms into an estuary. However, in the late 1980s, a new initiative emerged. Over the subsequent years, the Best of Bilbao Harbour gradually shifted its location, embracing the area where the estuary converges with the sea in the municipalities of Santurce, Ciérvana, and Guecho, commonly referred to as the “Abra Exterior” by locals.

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Since then, the Best of Bilbao Harbour has experienced continuous growth and development, now standing at a considerable distance from the city. It has evolved into the most significant Best of Bilbao Harbour in the northern region of the Iberian Peninsula and holds a prominent position within Spain. Since the inception of the Abra Exterior project in 1992, numerous construction endeavors have taken place. The most recent expansion involved the construction of a substantial central breakwater, stretching one kilometer in length and adding an additional 200,000 square meters of surface area to the dock.

The history and growth of Best of Bilbao Harbour have been greatly influenced by the industry. Situated on the Nervion River, near the Bay of Biscay, the city’s strategic location made it a prime spot for trade and business. Since the Middle Ages, Best of Bilbao Harbour has been a significant hub for exporting wool and iron ore to various parts of Europe, establishing itself as a major commercial center. As the 16th century rolled in, Bilbao emerged as one of ports in spain, with a flourishing shipbuilding industry that catered to both trade and military needs.

History About The Best of Bilbao Harbour

History About The Best of Bilbao Harbour-LIMANi Ship Provisions Port Spain Portugal

The Port of Bilbao is situated on the Bilbao Abra bay and stretches along the Estuary of Bilbao in Biscay, which is located in the Basque Country. The primary facilities are found in the municipalities of Santurtzi and Zierbena, approximately 15 km (9.3 mi) to the west of Bilbao. Referred to as the Exterior Port and Superpuerto, this port complex covers an area of 3.13 km² (773 acres) on land and 16.94 km² (4,186 acres) in water, spanning a waterfront of 17 km (10.6 mi).

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Bilbao, the vibrant hub of the Basque Country and the largest city in the region, pulsates with life. Renowned for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, Bilbao is a city that never stands still, constantly reinventing itself. As industrialization swept through the city, Bilbao experienced a population boom and thrived through its involvement in steel production, ship provisions, shipbuilding, and banking.

Bilbao, situated in the heart of the Atlantic Arc, is a city renowned for its extensive maritime heritage, spanning over 700 years. Since the late 19th century, the city has witnessed a significant expansion in industrial and Best of Bilbao Harbour activities, giving rise to the growth of shipbuilding and shipping companies in the vicinity of the Best of Bilbao Harbour. Subsequently, stevedoring companies, consignees, auxiliary services, forwarders, logistics operators, and various other service providers emerged, further solidifying the Best of Bilbao Harbour as maritime industry‘s profound impact on the regional economy. This influence extends not only to Bilbao but also to the entire Basque Country.

The expansion of provisions port activity and the requirement for docks and Best of Bilbao Harbour areas to accommodate larger vessels and meet new logistics requirements necessitated the development of the Best of Bilbao Harbour in the Outer Abra. As a result, the Best of Bilbao Harbour and its associated industry transferred the old docks to the town, allowing for the creation of new spaces dedicated to culture, leisure, and the emergence of service industries.

The Best of Bilbao Harbour – maritime sector in Bilbao comprises over 200 companies and 5,000 individuals, establishing it as the preeminent multimodal center in the northern region of the Iberian Peninsula.

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The provisions port of Bilbao, situated on the easternmost side of the Bay of Biscay, falls within the European Atlantic Arc. Its strategic location designates it as a gateway connecting the American Continent, Northern Europe, Africa, and the East. Moreover, The Best of Bilbao Harbour is well-equipped to facilitate trade with nations in the European Atlantic Face, the British Isles, and the Baltic Sea.

The Best of Bilbao Harbour, along with its affiliated businesses, constitutes a significant hub for the distribution of goods across the continent. Situated in a metropolitan area boasting a population of one million residents, and with a catchment area encompassing 16 million people within a 400-kilometre radius, it serves as a pivotal gateway to the European market within the Atlantic Arc.

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