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Ship Provisions Ports in Spain and Portugal – Aviles, located in Spain, is home to the Aviles Harbour, a compact yet bustling port. Stay updated with the live map showcasing ship provisions in Aviles, access vessel schedules, explore the Aviles Harbour call history, and browse through the list of ships currently docked. Additionally, you can find a comprehensive company register and stay informed about the local weather forecast. The LOCODE assigned to Aviles Harbour is ESAVS.

The Port of Aviles is a bustling hub for commercial, fishing, and leisure activities. Its commercial berths are strategically located at the northwest and southeast corners of the main reach, known as Canal Pedro Menendez. With a vast expanse of almost 272 thousand square meters, the Aviles Harbour offers ample uncovered storage area, along with 27 thousand square meters of covered storage.

This Provisions Aviles is equipped to handle various types of cargo, including bulk, breakbulk, and liquid bulk. Additionally, it provides excellent facilities for fishing and leisure craft. The San Juan de Nieva Basin, within the Aviles Harbour, features two docks: the South Dock and the West Dock. The South Dock stretches 379 meters in length and boasts an alongside depth of 12 meters. Similarly, the West Dock spans 300 meters and has an alongside depth of 10 meters. These docks efficiently handle dry and liquid bulk cargoes.

Another prominent dock within the Aviles Harbour is the Raices Dock, which extends for 821 meters and has an alongside depth of 8 meters. It is capable of accommodating dry and liquid bulk cargoes, as well as general cargoes. Furthermore, there is an extension of the Raices Dock, measuring 397 meters in length and offering an alongside depth of 12 meters. This extension specializes in solid bulk and general cargoes.

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For specialized dry bulk cargoes, the Inespal Dock is the go-to destination. It spans 133 meters in length and has an alongside depth of 7 meters. Lastly, the Fishing Dock, stretching 810 meters in length with an alongside depth of 5 meters, is equipped with two ice factories. It also boasts an impressive capacity to store 160 thousand tons of fish per day.

Aviles Harbour’ industrial and commercial growth can be attributed to the enhancements made to the seaport infrastructures during the late 19th century. The extensive efforts to drain the marshlands led to the transformation of the natural estuary into a navigable one, resulting in a rise in merchant ship traffic and capacity over time.

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