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High Standards


Want to buy your meat where top Restaurants do?

LIMANi Provisions supplies your vessel with hand-selected meat from the best breeds previously only available to the most demanding restaurants. Now available for onboard delivery in Spain & Portugal through LIMANi Provisions.

LIMANi has the highest standards for hygiene. This is why we have a complete and powerful Parameter Analysis and Critical Control Points manual, complying with all good hygiene handling practices and quality standards.

When we receive our products in our Madrid facility the products immediately get handled carefully and stored in our freeze department. Fresh fish never stays in our facility longer than 2 hours to ensure fresh delivery.

Our Pricelist

beef slice



Galician Blond Beef is a unique sort of beef that is widely regarded as the tastiest steak in the most fashionable restaurants from London to New York. Galarian cows, unlike other cows, are butchered when they are eight to seventeen years old. As a result of marbling maturation, the beef gets a particular rich flavor during this extended period of age.

raw pork meats



Our meat is hand-selected from pastured farms in the Iberian Peninsula, a mountainous region covering the central and southern parts of Spain. The predominantly acorn diet of the pigs give a very particular flavor to the pork. You can taste a unique nutty flavor in Iberico pork which makes the meat very exclusive and makes Iberico pork meat handsdown the richest pork you can find.

What makes these animals unique is that they can roam freely through woods and open spaces in a very natural setting, always staying near to the dehesas. By doing this, their muscles expand and develop which enables them to absorb fat from their primarily acorn-based diet. This produces meat that is distinctive, delectable, and juicy.

3.whole chicken meat in dark background



Our Spanish poultry partners never use hormones, hazardous pesticides, or genetically modified feed in their flocks. Not only providing higher healthier chicken along the way – but also improving the flavor. When it comes to chicken, the health of a hen and the flavor of the meat it produces go hand in hand.

Our true free-range certified organic chickens live longer and mature slowly. This relaxed way of life is not only more sustainable and better for the chicken, but it also ensures that the dinner on your plate is of unrivaled quality and flavor.

fresh lamb veal



It goes without saying that Spain produces exceptionally-tasting lamb. Its remarkable flavor and tenderness are a result of ideal grazing conditions and a stress-free outdoor lifestyle, however there is no substitute for freshness when it comes to lamb. For this reason, we have close partnerships with farmers around Spain so we can supply your vessel quickly with unparraleled fresh and sensitive lamb.

sea bream fish



Spain is well-known for its excellent standards in sea food. However, fish spoils quickly, which is why freshness is essential when delivering fish for provisions. Every day, fresh fish is delivered to LIMANi by local fisherman, and it is immediately transferred to our freezing department. To assure freshness during delivery, our fresh fish is never kept in our warehouse for more than 2 hours.

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